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CubeCore is a hastily thrown together roomscale VR game for Ludum Dare 44.  I have only tested it on a Vive, but Oculus/WMR should work too assuming that things work? Let me know if not.

Protect your core!  Don't let anything red touch your core or you lose.
Snap cubits around your core to protect it! Cubits are everywhere! Sometimes they don't want to snap for some reason, but just make sure that the faces touch and they should hop right on.
Smash enemies with your cubits to kill them!
Buy upgrades with your cubits by putting them into the store spheres! Have you ever even seen a game with this many advanced shapes?

Note - Tractor Beam and Shield are left-hand abilities, you hold the trigger on your left hand to activate them.
Bomb is a right hand ability, you click your right trigger to activate it, and it also costs 5 cubits and has a cooldown that you can't see (for the mystery!)

This game is maybe not great!  Don't get your expectations too high!  The sounds and effects are awful! Yeah!

Install instructions

Just run LudumDare44.exe, probably want to launch SteamVR first too.


CubeCore.zip 23 MB

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